Hypnotic Resolutions


is simple and works with long-lasting results.  Hypnosis is natural and safe - no pills, no chemicals.  It is a unique approach to problems and gives personal power and control for inner peace and harmony.  Hypnosis works well with other healing modalities.  It utilizes mind/body therapy to enhance healing, change stress response, and aid rapid recovery

Hypnosis helps you succeed when everything else has failed

Hypnosis Can Enhance Quality of Life

Build confidence Increase self esteem
Create positive habits Live fear free
Increase your fun ability Encourage optimistic attitude
Relieve frustration Assist with goal completion
Help overcome obstacles, slumps & hopelessness Help prevent health problems by releasing negative feelings

Hypnosis Can Help



Weight Sleeplessness
Smoking Fertility
Infertility Self Control
Stress Memory & Learning
Pain * Focus & Concentration
Medical Applications * Emotional & Physical Healing
Addiction & Compulsion Health Before, During & After Surgery
Test Anxiety Inner Awareness
Tension Body Communication
Fear Internal Peace & Balance
Anger Belief in Yourself
Procrastination Direction of Your Life
Creative Block  
Spiritual Applications  
Limiting Beliefs * with physician referral


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Hypnotic Resolutions
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